Self-care over the holidays

During a time when we all tend to socialize more, eat more, drink more, spend more, it’s of special importance to tune in and honour what you need, especially for those who find it difficult to do so.

Are you feeling like the holiday craze is well underway?  Do you find it challenging to set boundaries around taking care of yourself?  Take some time to tune in to what your needs are.  It’s amazing how out of touch we can be in terms of what we need.  By simply asking yourself, “what do I need right now, today, this month, so I can feel fulfilled in the way I desire?”  Often we are seeking a sense of connection, physical well-being, play, peace, autonomy, honesty, meaning, or a combination of these.  For those looking for greater understanding of their needs, check out this handy resource.  When we can name what it is that we need, it is far easier to create the opportunity for it to unfold.  And remember, a little can go a long way -especially this time of year!

In addition the hustle and bustle, the holidays can be a challenging time for individuals and families as there can be added pressure for this time of year to be full of joy and celebration.  Take some time to reflect upon any expectations you or others have for the holidays.  Does this align with how you want to experience the next coming days?  Are your daily choices allowing for the experience you actually desire?  Taking this time to reflect is an act of self-care all in it’s self and can help guide you to make decisions that are right for you.

For those experiencing loss and changes within their lives, this can be an especially challenging time of year.  For many, there isn’t a clear road map for transitioning through change and loss. We invite you to listen to an interview from CFAX Real Parenting on grief, holidays, and families for some beautiful insight on this topic.

Take good care of yourself this season.  Need some support?  We are here!  Book your appointment HERE.

~The Stillpoint Fam

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