An advanced technique of KOH, this gentle 20 minute treatment can often completely clear patients of up to five allergens in a single session.  If you suffer from environmental or food-related allergies or sensitivities, this treatment is highly recommended.  Fees are charged on a sliding scale of $35-65, pay what you can, no questions asked.

Some testimonials:

Thank you so much Jean-Paul for the Kruger allergy clearing.  I didn’t even realize such a thing existed.  My allergy to tomato has limited choices for over 20 years (when I discovered that’s what made me sick) Since the treatment I’ve once again been able to enjoy chili, lasagne, pizza etc without any ill effects!  Last night I finally tried salsa (fresh not cooked) and no problem.  Thank you so much. What a gift to have this freedom back.  -Pam

Just wanted to give you an update after my allergy clearing, well I’m absolutely amazed I’m not having any reactions what so ever although I’ve not tried eating some of the things that bothered me like aspartame I think I’ll stay away from that regardless 🙂 but I feel great I’m not feeling horrible at the end of the day anymore. I’m so pleased with the results thank you again.Thanks again this treatment has made life feel normal again and I can love my dog again which he’s very happy about 🙂  -Gina

Well [my son] has had great results so far from his allergy clearing, we came home after his session and he rubbed his face into our dog Tucker (which he’s never been able to do) and no sneezing, no itchy watery eyes it was great Aaron is super excited he can play with Tucker in a way he was limited to before, he has been eating wheat again and no eczema flare ups.It’s been great so far I can’t thank you enough. -Gina