Click here for your New Patient Intake Form Please print it off and fill it out before coming to your appointment. Don’t worry if you are unable to fill out the form before your appointment, just come a few minutes early and we’ll take your details when you arrive.

What To Expect At Your First Treatment

When you arrive:  Please make your payment and schedule your next appointment before  your treatment.  That way you can float on out the door after your treatment, without having get back into “left brain” mode too quickly.

The acupuncture itself:  we use sterile, one-time-use-only needles of a very thin variety.  We also use something called a ‘guide tube’ which is a little plastic tube that allows us to tap the needle into the acupoint very quickly.  All of this so as to minimize any discomfort.

Sensations you may feel at the acupoint being needled:  achiness, numbness, pressure, or a general awareness of the needle in the point.  Every so often the point might ‘zing’ a little.  This is good, and should go away in a couple of seconds.  If it does not, just let your practitioner know, and he/she will remove the needle.  We don’t EVER want you gritting your teeth through a treatment.

Whether you’re new to acupuncture in general, or new to Community Acupuncture (CA) you are in for a treat.  What sets  CA apart is the fact that you will find yourself in a peaceful, comfortable room that is humming ever so faintly with the feeling of others doing the same thing.

Snoring:  Some people get so relaxed they may snore.  This is good!  It means that they are really getting the rest they need in order to heal.  If snoring bothers you, we have earplugs by the door.  Feel free also to bring your own MP3 player and headphones.

When you’re ready to get up:  This may seem like a strange idea, that you  are in control of the length of your treatment.  This is one of the things that has us excited about CA, as no matter what anyone says, only you know your own body!  Some people only need a short treatment, and get restless after 20 minutes.  Others may fall deeply asleep and wake up an hour later.  Either way, when you feel that you are ready to get up, just catch your practitioner’s eye and give a wink or a nod, and they’ll come and take the needles out.  Supplementary note:  If you need to leave by a certain time PLEASE be sure to let either the receptionist know (best option) or your practitioner.  We will do our best to get you on your way with plenty of time so you don’t have to stress about being on time.